Harness Racing Handicapping Software for Trotters


How our Harness Racing System Happened

This system was orginally developed in or around 1988 along with our thoroughbred handicapping systems on an IBM PC DOS-based (disk operating system) computer supplied on a floppy diskette (what's that?--oh that little floppy thing--which is now obsolete). It was also available for other popular personal computers like Apple II, Atari, Pet, TRS-80, Commodore 64 and others.

Was IBM PC DOS Based

Up until late last year, were were selling our harness system for the old DOS computers, and just this month we converted it to Windows with an important modification, the addition of driver statistics. It was one of the last programs to get converted because, frankly, there are many more thoroughbred racing enthusiasts than harness people, so we weren't in a rush. But, don't get me wrong, harness racing is great, especially in the Detroit area, because we now only have harness tracks. The one thoroughbred track, Detroit Race Course, closed a few years after three gamlbing casinos opened in downtown Detroit. They say they couldn't complete, and so they closed. But somehow, the harness tracks survived, and that's the only place to be in southeastern Michigan if you want to play the ponies.

Versatile New Windows Harness Program

This new harness system offers the same versatility as our other Windows based programs allowing you to quickly enter the data on screen, and click one button to get the horse's rating fast. As with the other Windows based systems, you can experiment with data entry by changing some of the numbers (without re-entering the other data), and then just clicking the calulate button to see how the changes affected the horse's rating. You might want to use this feature to enter older data to see if that information could improve the rating and help predict more winners.

Not Many of our Harness Systems Out There

Because for years we only had a DOS-based harness system, not many people are using our method at the harness track because everything is now Windows or Apple Mac based. This may be good news for experienced handicappers because if in fact you find the Advanced Harness System predicting winners at your track, you don't want to have other people with the same system betting the same horses to win. If enough people are betting a certain horse, this can lower the odds, thus lowering the potential payout.

harness racing software

It only takes a minute or two per horse to enter 17 most important items from the harness racing program including Driver Past Performance, POST POSITION, TIMES, ODDS, 1/2 or 3/4 POSITIONS, STRETCH POSITIONS and FINISH POSITIONS.