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It offers several new, never before published strategies to help you win at roulette. Included are four separate handicapping methods and a computer program to calculate the probability and frequency of repeating numbers: a scientific approach to winning at roulette.

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Jack From Rhode Island

In Aruba, during the weekdays, most of the casinos were not extremely crowded, even at night. The weekends were the busiest for all of them. With one exception: the casino at the Holiday Inn. It seemed to be busy all the time, day or night, weekday or weekend. The Holiday Inn seemed to have most of the activity. For one thing, the restaurants stayed open later; and they even had a cafeteria that was open twenty-four hours. Maybe one of the reasons it was the busiest of all the casinos on the island was because the slot machines seemed to be paying off more often than at the other casinos. Also, it was the only casino that offered sports betting, and the only one that had the electronic poker and twenty-one machines.

When you entered the casino, you immediately noticed that the noise level was higher than in any of the other casinos. This was probably because of the bigger crowds, and the ringing and clanging sounds caused by the frequent payoffs of the slot machines. Whatever it was, the atmosphere was more exciting there, and that's where I met the second lucky winner in Roulette: Jack from Rhode Island. You couldn't help but notice the Roulette table that Jack was playing at. It was definitely more crowded than the four other tables nearby.

When I stopped to watch, I noticed that he was the only player with a pile of dollar chips, and another stack of five dollar ones. He had just won playing single numbers with some combinations around a certain number, and was being paid off by the croupier; and he left his original bet on the table for the next spin. On the next spin he was a loser, but after the chips were removed, he bet on the same combination of numbers as his last bet. He certainly didn't deviate from the numbers he was betting on. It must have been a system! But with single numbers, and he was winning? I saw it, though, and after four or five more losing spins, Jack won again with the same combination of numbers he was betting on every time; 29 had come up again! He must have been ahead over four hundred dollars.